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Manix: Drug for Infertility in Men

Infertility is a major clinical problem seen in almost 10 to 15% of couples worldwide. Infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive even after one year of unprotected sex. Infertility can be due to male partner, female partner or in some cases both. Generally it is an accepted medical fact that male and female both account equally for all infertility cases. In other words, men are responsible for 50% of all infertility cases.

The most comprehensive study of infertility conducted by WHO in 5,800 infertile couples from 22 countries found that men were either the lone cause or a contributing factor to infertility in more than half of couples*

Infertility may lead to marital problems, and in many cultures it may also be a reason for social embarrassment.

Men with fertility issues often suffer from depression, anguish and feeling of inadequacy. For men seeking a path back to normalcy, acceptance of the problem and seeking medical help is the first step.


A range of factors can cause male infertility. The most common cause is age related fall in testosterone levels. Besides this, hormonal disturbances, physical or psychological problems, testicular damage can also be a cause for low or no sperm production and poor sperm quality.

Some factors impacting male infertility:

Age related decrease in testosterone production

Mental stress


Chronic alcohol abuse

use of marijuana and other recreational drugs

Physical disorders like damaged or torsion of testis, infections & diseases such as mumps etc.

Environmental toxin exposure

Hormonal disturbances

Overly tight clothing

Steroid abuse

How Manix Works

Manix is a scientifically researched medication with proven results in infertile men. Manix can reverse age related decrease in testosterone levels which leads to increase in sperm production and improvement in sperm quality.

Sperm production

Sperm movement

Sperm quality

Semen volume

Hormonal balance

MANIX taken twice daily for 90 days shows an improvement in all the seminal parameters

Increases sperm
count by 362%
Increases semen
volume by 41%
Improves sperm
motility by 124%
Improves sperm
morphology by 90%

Manix improves the sperm quantity & quality by reducing inflammation and improving regeneration of cells. The cycle of spermatogenesis (sperm production cycle) in men usually lasts for 60 - 72 days. Hence, for best results, Manix should be taken for 90 days to have the sperms generated after normalization of surrounding environment by Manix.