Prolonging time of erection and delaying time of ejaculation

Manix: Drug for Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Common Conditions Can Lead to Erectile Dysfuntion

Any difficulty that prevents an individual or a couple from enjoying sexual activity is called Sexual Dysfunction. The problem may happen at any stage of the sexual act, such as, difficulty in achieving sexual desire or arousal, inability to maintain an erection till completion of sex (erectile dysfucntion) or inability to achieve orgasm. Sexual Dysfunction may develop gradually over time, or may occur suddenly as a total or partial inability to participate in one or more stages of the sexual act.

Decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and orgasm disorders are common sexual problems experienced by a large population.

Sexual dysfunction also increases with age and generally in men over 30, every year the incidence of Dysfunction increases. Studies have reported that nearly 40% men in their 40s and 70% of men in their 70s suffer from Sexual Dysfunction.

Other than age, erectile problems and fall in sexual desire is common along with conditions like Stress, depression, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and associated medications use.

Men with impotence often suffer from psychological trauma and embarrassment of not being able to satisfy their partners. Impotence shatters the most confident of men.


The causes of erectile dysfunciton can be physical, psychological, or both.

Psychological factors such as:

Mental stress due to lifestyle

Performance anxiety due to fear or confusion

Depression or mood disorders

Past sexual trauma or guilt

Physical factors such as:

Age related decrease in testosterone production

Use of drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, narcotics, stimulants, anti-hypertensives, antihistamines, etc

Conditions such as an enlarged prostate gland, nerve damage (back or spinal cord injuries etc)

Diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, tumors, etc

Endocrine disorders (thyroid, pituitary, or adrenal gland problems)

Hormonal deficiencies (low testosterone, estrogen, or androgens)

Problems with blood supply or impaired vascular supply

How Manix Works

Sexual dysfunction therapy is generally classified to focus on -

1 Balancing the
hormones &
testosterone levels
2 Improving penile
3 Improving libido and
sexual desire
4 Prolonging time of
erection and delaying
time of ejaculation
5 Increasing quantity,
quality of sperms and
production of semen


Manix improves the sperm quantity & quality by reducing inflammation and regeneration of cells. The cycle of spermatogenesis (sperm production cycle) in men usually lasts for 60 - 90 days hence for best results Manix should be taken for 90 days to affect the new sperm production cycle.