Medical Evidence

Spermatogenesis is the process of sperm production in men. This process is highly sensitive to fluctuations in the environment, particularly hormones and temperature. Testosterone is a major component required in large concentrations to maintain the process.

The cycle of spermatogenesis (sperm production cycle) usually lasts for 60 - 90 days. Manix treats the root cause of sexual dysfunction (low testosterone levels and its effect on sperm production) and requires administration of 40 - 90 days to see the complete effect. Hence for best results Manix should be taken for a period of 90 days.

Clinical Trials

Scientifically Tested Natural Formula Promises Hope to Male Infertility

Manix is successfully tested for male infertility and potency in various clinical trials conducted in Nigeria & India. It has shown outstanding results in patients of Oligospermia & Asthenospermia.

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